Our Business

Our Business

Community Homes Labor Camps Management

Strategic management of built environment is our force. Under our business umbrella we have the Community Homes Labor Camp Management (CHLCM) that takes care of all concerns related to our multiple facilities as labor accommodations. By using its carefully designed system that provides services to our clients we are able to meet the excellence satisfaction level and at the same time vigilantly protect the well-being of our tenants.

⦁ Safety and Security
⦁ General Maintenance
⦁ Catering Services
⦁ Housekeeping & Cleaning

⦁ Laundry and Ironing Services
⦁ Health, Safety and Environment
⦁ Waste Management
⦁ AC Service Maintenance

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  • info@azamholdings.com
  • P.O.Box 132378, Abu Dhabi, UAE