Our Business

Our Business

Azam Engineering Consultancy

AZAM Engineering Consultancy (AEC) offers engineering system design, integration, support and research capability. We apply our expertise and know-how to develop, enhance and protect our clients’ critical assets, systems and processes. We understand what is really important to our customers. A high-quality result, complete reliability, value for money and a clear competitive edge.

Our System Approach helps us respond to your challenges. We work with you to understand the whole range of financial, operational, organizational, people and other issues that surround your technical needs. And we use this understanding to deliver demonstrable business and technical value. The depth of our knowledge base helps us to transfer the skills, experience and best practice from this area to benefit our clients in other fields. Our expertise not only comes from a single engineering perspective but from detailed knowledge, with a broad range of disciplines and their application across different markets.

Design and Analysis

⦁ Structural Engineering
⦁ Third Party Verifications
⦁ Hydro Statistics and Stability


⦁ Rig Move / Mooring
⦁ Decommissioning
⦁ Marine Analyses & Simulations
⦁ Operability

Risk & Safety

⦁ Risk in Design
⦁ Risk in Safety
⦁ Risk Management
⦁ Risk Surveying & Engineering


⦁ Crane Class
⦁ Project Management
⦁ Installation Management
⦁ Crane Engineering Life Saving Equipment

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